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Preparing for Your Colonic:
For The Best Results: Day Before Your Colonic:

* Eat raw or slightly steamed vegetables. Try to avoid broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.
* Eat fruits one hour before, or one hour after eating vegetalbes. Try to avoid bananas  
* You may eat white fish or salmon, if needed. Try to avoid any meat products.
* No dairy products, such as cheese, milk or yogurt. You may drink almond milk, rice milk or soy milk.
* No soda or coffee.
* Avoid white flour, such as pasta, white bread, pizza and white rice or sugar.
* Drink a lot of water - preferrable room temperature, not ice cold. 

The Day Of Your Colonic:

* Getting colonics on a full stomach may cause you to feel nausea, intense cramping and at times            vomiting. Liquid is fine.
* Do not eat at least 2 hours prior to treatment.
* On the morning of your colonic try to avoid eating. Just drink water or diluted fruit juices.

After A Colon Hydrotherapy Session:

* It is not unusual that you may not have a bowel movement for a day or more after a colonic. 
* Drink plenty of liquids, such as electrolytes, herbal teas and pure water. 
* Take pro-biotic (good friendly bacteria) supplements or, if you are not allergic to dairy, eat plain yogurt with added  friendly bacteria. 
* Avoid eating raw vegetables and fruits for at least 3 hours; cooked are fine, such as soups. 
* Reduce meat consumption or even better off, avoid meat for the rest of the day. 
* Any unpleasant symptoms, such as fatigue, headaches, nausea or cramping are usually not  experienced after a  colonic, however, if symptoms do appear - they will subside in 24 hours or less or  give us a call.