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How does a colonic session work and what should I expect?

When you arrive for your first visit, you will be asked to fill out a personal health questionnaire and sign a few forms. At this time, you and your therapist will discuss your current health condition, your goals for your health, and what you hope to accomplish from your session(s).

Once that is completed, you will be instructed on how to prepare for the session. In private, you will undress from the waist down and position yourself comfortably on the LIBBE base. The therapist will demonstrate exactly how to easily insert the pencil thin rectal tube, just past the second sphincter muscle, about 1 1/2 inches. This LIBBE rectal tube is individually packaged, sterile and disposable. Once you have inserted the tube, you cover yourself with the towel provided and lean back on the table. You will then let the therapist know when you are ready.  If you need assistance with any of the above, the therapist will  help you. 

The therapist will then begin the water flow. Once the flow is turned on, there is no need to interrupt it to release. When you feel the urge to release, the rectal tube will stay inserted, allowing the softened feces to flow out around it, down the drain and into the base of the LIBBE, passing through a two -inch diameter clear viewing tube. An Odor Exhaust System insures the area remains ODOR FREE.

You can have as much privacy as you desire.  This is one of the prime advantages of the LIBBE System, you do not need to have the therapist stay in the room with you unless you choose to have her there. The therapist will check on you often, and you may ask her to come in at any time you need help or have questions. The session will take up to 45 minutes.

At the end of the session the therapist will instruct you on the proper way to get off the system and then leave the room to give you privacy. You will stop the flow of the water, retract the tube and clean yourself using a built-in spray hose. You will be given a pro-biotic capsule to take before you leave the office.